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Hi, I'm Juha Liikala

I'm a Finnish blogger, husband, traveller and a web developer for two decades. I've been earning my living from web based work since 2001.

In the past, I've freelanced, gone startup founder and worked for several software companies wearing many different hats (front-end, product design & more). For professional enquiries, find me on LinkedIn.

This website & blog

This site was built with static site generator Eleventy. The code is stored in Github (private repository at the moment, sorry!) and published to the world via Netlify. Website analytics are via Fathom.

After years of hiatus on the blogging side of things, I'm getting back on that horse again and decided to start writing again in 2022. Check out the blog for all the latest on that front.

There's no one topic or subject I blog about, but expect to see ramblings around working & earning a living online, blogging, building websites, creating & consuming content online and travels.

Get updates & connect

Oh and yes, the good ol' email works still too: hi@itsmejuha.co. Drop me a line or two anytime.

Thanks for visiting my personal home online. Cheers! 👋