Hi, I'm Juha Liikala

Welcome to my humble home on the internets.

I'm a Finnish Front-End Engineer & Designer, currently at Synopsys. I live and work in the capital of northern Finland, Oulu.

I’ve been working in the web industry since 2001. I've freelanced, gone startup founder and worked for several software companies wearing many different hats (front-end, back-end, product design & more). For more detailed professional history, check out my LinkedIn.

I just launched this site recently, so not much going on here yet. That said, as the year 2018 goes forward, I intend to feature more stuff here, especially when it comes to side projects, writing, and travel.

Latest in writing:

Thanks for dropping by! Get in touch? Come say hello via social media channels or just drop me a note to sayhello@itsmejuha.co. Cheers! 👋