Welcome to my humble home on the internets.

I'm Juha Liikala, a Front-End Engineer & Designer, currently at Synopsys. I live and work in the capital of northern Finland, Oulu.

I’ve been working in the web industry since 2001. I've freelanced, gone startup founder and worked for several software companies wearing many different hats (front end, back end, product design & more).

This site is new. It's still missing many key bits and pieces, one of which is my new blog. While this site is getting a fresh paint, come say hi on Twitter @juhaliikala or join my 2018 blog waiting list here. Cheers!

What I'm Up To Right Now...

  • Nine to Five: Working full-time in front-end development / product design role at Synopsys, building web based tools that help make software safer.
  • Blogging & Side Projects: I'm currently doing a complete overhaul of my personal website/blog. No other side projects until the new blog is out there in the wild :)
  • Reading & Journaling: While preparing for blogging again, I've been ramping up my reading and journaling hobby. Here's what I'm currently reading.