For the past months, this has been me 👇

It has been a waiting game, but today that game is finally over. Threads have opened doors to us EU folks too! Let's glimpse back in time a bit.

When Threads, a new micro blogging service from Instagram, launched in July, I was able to slip in through the gates and use the service for a while via VPN. But very soon after, they stopped users in the EU region in their tracks.

My account was no different. After the block, there were few things that still worked. I could see the main feed, like and rethread things, but that was it. I wasn't able to post anything, comment or even see my own feed. The experience had been badly crippled.

Soon after the EU block, in a story published on Instagram by Adam Mosseri (head of Instagram), Adam mentioned that it will probably take many months before Threads is fully launched in Europe.

So for the past months, I've been there, but only as a passive lurker who likes / rethreads (is that the correct verb?) posts but can't really do much else.

No more lurking! You'll find me @nomadcouch, don't be a stranger! 👋👇

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